Tow Bridles - Miami Cordage

Tow Bridles

Custom 3-Point Tow Bridles

Stern Legs

Both stern legs are fabricated from Miami Cordage's double braid nylon, this rope is used for it's shock absorption properties. Our standard lengths for tow legs range from 40 - 60' with 3/8" - 1-1/2" diameters available, depending on the weight you are towing. We also offer custom lengths and diameters to meet your specs.

Stern Connection

For the stern connection, we typically hand whip the bitter ends. However, we also offer eye splices with available chafe gear.

Y-Point Connection

Our standard y-point connection joins the legs of the bridle by hand splicing soft eyes at the joining end of each leg. We recommend covering each eye with chafe gear to protect the ropes from fray. We have found this method to be the strongest connection between the legs of the tow bridle, however as each bridle is custom made, we also offer stainless steel hardware connection if this is your preferred method to join the legs of the bridle.

Tow Leg

The tow leg of your bridle is fabricated with 12-strand Dyneema® rope which allows for higher performance and towing capacity yet is lighter weight and will float. Typical length is 150' however we will fabricate the length and diameter to meet your specs.

Tow Leg Connection

The tow leg connection is typically fabricated with a hand spliced eye and a heavy duty stainless steel thimble. Many of our tow bridles are used with larger vessels for both commercial applications and use on the open waters. However we will customize the tow leg connection to meet your specifications if you have a smaller or recreational vessel that is used on a lake. Miami Cordage also offers soft eyes with opptional chafe gear. Our tow bridles also come standard with a stainless steel Tylaska swivel manufactured by Wichard. Other options for stainless steel connector include:

Snubber Connection

Our snubbers are also custom fabricated and are useful as a quick disconnect of the tow bridle from your vessel. The snubber line is also useful when the towed vessel has a large freeboard, making it difficult to reach and disconnect the tow leg from the bow area. Similar to the tow leg, the snubber line is also fabricated from Dyneema® rope, making it lightweight and will float, although the weight of optional thimble eyes and stainless steel hardware may sink the snubber. Our snubber lines come standard with stainless steel thimble eyes on both ends and a stainless steel bow shackle for connection.