Wire Rope Fluid Film - Miami Cordage


WRN-EP is recommended for the general maintenance of wire rope. It provides corrosion protection and lubrication for standing and running rigging, drag lines and bridge cable. WRN-EP provides higher resistance to water abrasion and washout when used in tidal areas. Extreme pressure properties provide excellent lubrication for both wire rope and open gear applications.

Rusty wire rope and cable should be first treated with FLUID FILM® Liquid A or Liquid AR, to attain maximum penetration.

During the manufacture of new wire rope, it is recommended that the strands be first saturated with FLUID FILM® Liquid A, with the finished rope being sealed with WRN-EP, Wire Rope Dressing.

Where a low viscosity material is desired for a slushing compound, the use of FLUID FILM® Gel WRL is recommended. This product also has extreme pressure properties.

  • Permanently soft gel with extreme pressure properties
  • Greenish gray color

Part # Description
LUBWRN20 Pail 41