Static Kernmantle Rope - Miami Cordage


Our static kernmantle rope has a balanced construction consisting of a continuous filament polyester cover braided over a unidirectional nylon core. This rope is designed to meet the rigourous requirements associated with rescue and rappelling operations. Ideal for use with vertical lifelines, rappelling, work positioning, high lines, fall protection, climbing, aborists and ropes courses.

  • Available in 150′ length or reels of 600′
  • Standard color is white, additional colors available on request
Part # Nominal Diameter Tensile Strength
Appx Wt/100 ft
Inch MM
NEKM111716 7/16 11 8,000 5.80 Light Use
NEKM11112 1/2 13 10,000 7.90 General Use
NEKM11158 5/8 16 11,000 10.20 General Use