Standard Chain Assemblies - Grade 120 - Miami Cordage


Ordering Information

  1. Determine the maximum load to be lifted.
  2. Determine the type of slings needed (single, double, etc.)
  3. Estimate the proper angle between the leg of the sling and the load during operation
    (see Maximum Work Load Chart below).
  4. Select the proper fittings (hooks, master links, etc.)
  5. Determine the overall reach (measured from bearing point on master link to bearing point of fitting).
  6. Choose chain size which meets your required work load, angle and reduction factor
    (see Maximum Work Load Chart below).
  7. Give us a call to place your exact order and we’ll give you a quote.

Standard Assemblies of Pewag Chain



Maximum Work Load of Various Chain Sling Applications

maximum workload g120 slings

Reduction Factors
To be used for various slinging methods and conditions without shock loads.

reduction factors drw resize 3