Levo Hook LH - Miami Cordage


The Pewag Levo Hook LH stands for a new generation of lifting devices. Thanks to its high-performance features, lifting and lowering loads is now easier than ever before.

In day-to-day operations, attaching the hook manually becomes effortless, with a magnetic module attracting ferrous lifting devices and positioning them in such a way that the battery-powered, rotatable lifting hook will get perfect grip. The entire workflow is performed via a radio control unit.

The automation enables safe work even in high altitude and dangerous situations. This is how the Pewag Levo Hook LH becomes a problem solver for people and load.

As innovative products have to be able to adapt to market conditions, users may customize the scope of services required:

  • Basic version: Pewag Levo Hook LH, charging station, battery and radio control unit
  • Modular add-ons: magnetic module, levo manager, weighing cell, workspace lighting, multi-loading adapter

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