Clevis Slip Hook - Miami Cordage


Grade 70 clevis slip hooks are ideal for use with Grade 70 chain and tie down chain systems, they are commonly used in load binding applications as an end fitting on transport chain. These hooks can also be used with lower grade steel chain and a stainless steel safety latch is included, which is more secure than the hooks without a latch. Clevis slip hooks feature a wider throat than the grab hooks and connect directly to a d-ring or another designated tie down point.

  • Yellow chromate finish
  • Stainless steel safety latch included
  • Zinc plated alloy steel

* Do not use for overhead lifting

Part # Size
HKCS516T 5/16 4,700 0.86
HKCS38T 3/8 6,600 1.40
HKCS12T 1/2 11,300 2.20