Anchor Retrieving Kit - Miami Cordage



on anchor lines rigged with more than 10 feet of chain and provides an easy way to retrieve your anchor from the bed of the ocean. We start off we a 1/4″ stainless steel anchor ring that is attached to the float with a stainless steel harness clip. The harness clip is spliced to 2′ of 3/8″ white nylon 3-strand rope, the other end of the rope is spliced to a Polyform A series buoy. You can customize the size of the buoy depending on the weight of the anchor being pulled up, with a maximum anchor weight of 74 pounds.

Included in kit:

  • Stainless steel harness clip and anchor ring to prevent corrosion
  • 2 feet of 3/8″ white nylon 3-strand twisted rope
  • Polyform A series buoy
  • Will lift up to 74 pound anchor systems
Part # Ring
Polyform A
ANFLK3014 1/4″ FPAO 17
ANFLK4014 1/4″ FPA1 37
ANFLK5014 1/4″ FPA2 74
ANFLKRS14* 1/4″ N/A N/A

* – Includes the 1/4″ anchor ring, 2′ of 3/8″ nylon rope with spliced eye and 1 harness clip. 
** – Includes 2′ of 3/8″ nylon rope with spliced eye and 1 harness clip.

How does the Anchor Ring work?

ring1Slip the Anchor Ring over the anchor line. Attach the shackle-buoy assembly. Be sure to snap the shackle through both eyes of the ring. Toss the buoy into the water allowing the ring to slide down the line.

ring2Motor your boat at a 30 degree angle off of your anchor point, taking care to keep the anchor line clear of the props. Proceed slowly (roughly 5 knots) until the anchor is released from the bottom. Then increase speed slightly (6 to 8 knots).

ring3The anchor line will slide through the ring as the buoy floats to the surface. Once the anchor has reached the surface, shift into neutral and pull in the slack anchor line and anchor. The anchor chain will counterbalance the anchor and hold the anchor at the surface.