Swivel Eye Bolt Snap w/ Round Eye - Miami Cordage


These solid brass swivel bolt snaps feature a quick acting, spring loaded bolt snap mechanism. It is designed for use with camera straps, key rings, back packs, dog leashes, luggage carriers, flag poles, tents, and hammocks. Solid brass material is ideal for marine and outdoor applications.

  • Solid Brass

Do not use to hang loads, lift loads, support weight of persons or objects, and do not use on athletic or playground equipment

Part # Eye Size
Overall length
SNB22538 3/8 3-1/4 0.13
SNB22512 1/2 3 0.08
SNB22558 5/8 3-1/2 0.08
SNB22534 3/4 3-3/16 0.15
SNB2251 1 3-3/4 0.17
SNB225114 1-1/4 4-3/4 0.30