Solid Braid Polyester - Miami Cordage


Solid Braid polyester is a strong, soft, lightweight cord with excellent resistance to rot, abrasion, mildew, petroleum products and most chemicals. It has lower elasticity properties than the solid braid nylon which allows it to withstand great strain and its braided construction stays round and works well with pulleys.

  • Standard colors are white & black
  • Available by the hank or reel in lengths of 50, 250, 500 & 1,000 feet

Part # Dia.
Tensile Strength
SBP3 3/32 260 White
SBP31 3/32 Black
SBP4 1/8 355 White
SBP41 1/8 384 Black
SBP5 5/32 550 White
SBP51 5/32 498 Black
SBP6 3/16 770 White
SBP61 3/16 626 Black
SBP8 1/4 1,000 White
SBP81 1/4 1,000 Black

Compliance to the above specifications is based upon testing according to the Cordage Institute Standard Testing Methods for Fiber Rope and/or ASTM D-4268 Standard Methods of Testing Fiber Ropes.
Weights – Are average and may vary +/- 5%
Tensile strengths – Are approximate average for new, unused ropes. To estimate the minimum tensile strength of a new rope, reduce the approximate average by 15% (Cordage Institute defines minimum tensile strength as two standard deviations below the average tensile strength of the rope).