Solid Braid Nylon - Miami Cordage


Solid braid nylon is a strong, soft, lightweight cord with excellent resistance to rot, abrasion, mildew, petroleum products and most chemicals. It has shock-absorbing elasticity which allows it to withstand great strain and its braided construction stays round and works well with pulleys.

  • Available by the hank or reel in lengths of 50, 250, 500 & 1,000 feet

Part # Dia.
Tensile Strength
SBN3 3/32 190
SBN4 1/8 345
SBN5 5/32 415
SBN6 3/16 565
SBN8 1/4 845
SBN10 5/16 1,650
SBN12 3/8 2,250
SBN16 1/2 3,570

Compliance to the above specifications is based upon testing according to the Cordage Institute Standard Testing Methods for Fiber Rope and/or ASTM D-4268 Standard Methods of Testing Fiber Ropes.
Weights – Are average and may vary +/- 5%
Tensile strengths – Are approximate average for new, unused ropes. To estimate the minimum tensile strength of a new rope, reduce the approximate average by 15% (Cordage Institute defines minimum tensile strength as two standard deviations below the average tensile strength of the rope).