Rope Grab Number 505 - Miami Cordage


OSHA mandates that the fall arrest forces on a worker not exceed 1,800 lbs. when wearing a full-body harness.
Gemtor, Inc. recommends that an energy/shock absorber be used whenever the possibility of a free fall exists to assure that forces are below the OSHA limits.
Energy absorbers can increase fall arrest distance by up to 42”. Make sure the available fall space permits the use of an energy absorber.
The New TB Series of Tie-Back Lanyards These lanyards are specifically designed so that the webbing may be wrapped around an OSHA compliant structural support and the automatic locking carabiner can be “snapped” back onto the lanyard. Features include; captive locking carabiner for tie-back or direct connection to anchorage, and dual layer, dual color design. The black inner layer is made of high strength polyester webbing, the yellow outer layer offers additional strength, and helps protect the inner layer from abrasion and cutting. The contrasting colors help the user identify when the lanyard is severely worn. Meets OSHA, ANSI standards.

  • Dual layer design
  • Cut resistant tubular webbing
  • Contrasting layer colors
  • Captive self-locking carabiner(s)
  • Locking snaphook
  • Solid link D-Ring on 100% tie-off models
  • Meets OSHA & ANSI standards

Tie-Back Lanyard. Soft-Pack energy absorber with 1 3/16” wide dual layer polyester web Tie-Back lanyard. An integral locking snaphook is supplied for attachment to your full-body harness and a captive automatic locking carabiner is fitted at the opposite end for attaching to a suitable anchor.

Part # Item Wt
BELTGEMVF505 VF505 1.50
BELTGEMVF505WL3 VF505WL3* 2.25


* Has permanently attached 3’ long x 1” wide polyester web lanyard with locking snaphook.