Manila Climbing Rope - Miami Cordage


Our Grade-A Manila Climbing Ropes are individually handcrafted with a 6″ loop for attaching the rope with a time honored technique known as splicing. We then cover the loop with heavy duty nylon fabric to protect the rope from fray. Our climbing ropes can be hung with chain or looped around a fixed object in a “choker” configuration. The overall length of the climbing rope includes both the loop and splice. The end of the climbing rope is finished off with a heavy duty vinyl boot to protect the rope from fray. Our manila ropes can be used either in or out-doors but should not be stored outdoors to protect the longevity of your climbing rope.

  • Standard diameters are 1-1/2″ – 2″ and lengths from 15′ – 24′
  • Custom climbing ropes lengths available to meet your needs

1.5″ Diameter Manila Climbing Rope

Part # Length
FITCMR1515 15 10
FITCMR1518 18 12
FITCMR1520 20 13
FITCMR1522 22 15
FITCMR1524 24 16

2″ Diameter Manila Climbing Rope

Part # Length
FITCMR215 15 18
FITCMR218 18 22
FITCMR220 20 24
FITCMR222 22 27
FITCMR24 24 29

Compliance to the above specifications is based upon testing according to the Cordage Institute Standard Testing Methods for Fiber Rope and/or ASTM D-4268 Standard Methods of Testing Fiber Ropes.

Weights: are average and may vary +/- 10%.