Grommet with Washer - Miami Cordage


This DOT #2J grommet and plain washer set is used to reinforce holes in a range of fabrics. Made from heavy-gauge brass, these small but resilient pieces of hardware can endure the toughest conditions. Simply cut a hole into the fabric then install the metal grommet and washer with the suitable setting tools.

While best-suited for banners, drapery, and curtains, they also work well in custom upholstery, outdoor awning, and marine jobs. Applications include boat covers, banners and flags, luggage, privacy drapes, safety gear, seats, signs and media, tarps, outdoor tents, and awnings.

144 grommets and 144 washers (288 pieces total). Can be used interchangeably with plain or teeth washers.

Part # Trade
GW0 #0 1/4 Brass
GW1 #1 9/32 Brass
GW2 #2 3/8 Brass
GW3 #3 7/16 Brass
GW4 #4 1/2 Brass
GW5 #5 5/8 Brass
GW6 #6 13/16 Brass