Fenda-Sox - Miami Cordage


Fenda-Sox are the premiere fender cover for all sizes and types of boats.
Made from a particularly non-abrasive loop-knot acrylic fabric with a soft cushion effect surface, Fenda-Sox fender covers fit tightly over the fender, preventing grit and dirt from becoming trapped. American-made yarn of superior softness and UV rating.


  • Fenda-Sox give you the added protection your gel coat and paintwork require
  • Fenda-Sox covers are available for all standard marine fenders and custom covers are available
  • Nine standard colors: black, navy blue, royal blue, gray, green, red, burgundy, sand & brown
  • Custom embroidery & custom colors are available upon request

    Part # Fender Type Description
    FSOXA2 A Each, A-2 Buoy
    FSOXA3 A Each, A-3 Buoy
    FSOXA3G A Each, A-3 Buoy,Grey, Double-Layer
    FSOXA4 A Each, A-4 Buoy, Double-Layer
    FSOXA5 A Each, A-5 Buoy, Double-Layer
    FSOXA6 A Each, A-6 Buoy, Double-Layer
    FSOXF3 F 2-Pack, F-3 Fender
    FSOXF4 F Each, F-4 Fender, Double-Layer
    FSOXF5 F Each, F-5 Fender, Double -Layer
    FSOXF6 F Each, F-6 Fender, Double-Layer
    FSOXF7 F Each, F-7 Fender, Double-Layer
    FSOXF10 F Each, F-10 Fender, Double-Layer
    FSOXF11 F Each, F-11 Fender, Double-Layer
    FSOXG5 G 2-Pack, 8.5” x 27” Twin-Eye Fender
    FSOXG6 G 2-Pack, 10.5” x 30” Twin-Eye Fender
    FSOXHTM3 HTM 2-Pack, 10” x 26” HTM Fender
    FSOXHTM4 HTM 2-Pack, 12” x 34” HTM Fender