Endless Round Sling - Miami Cordage


Our domestic Endless Round Slings are made from endless loops of polyester load bearing yarn and are the most flexible style of sling. Round slings feature less rigging weight, easy handling and are color-coded for capacity indication. The slings also feature red core warning fibers and wear points can be shifted to extend the life of your sling.

  • Available in all capacities and lengths
  • Aramid outer covers available on special order for heat protection
  • High performance versions available up to 300,000lbs
  • Inspection: Slings should be examined throughout their length for abrasion, cuts, heat damage, fitting distortion, or damage & tag legibility. Abrasion, heat damage, or cuts to the cover may indicate a loss of strength to the load core. If any doubts are held by the inspector, the sling should be taken out of service. Slings removed from service that are not capable of repair shall be destroyed & rendered completely unfit for future use.

Endless round sling length
Endless round slings rated capacity72 73