Cold Shut - Miami Cordage


Electro-galvanized cold shuts are for use with proof coil or BBB chain to repair or connect chain as well as to attach hooks, rings or other end fittings. The cold shut is the most inexpensive method of repairing or connecting chain, simply drive the cold shut end through eye of fitting or link of chain and pen. If sized, closed and rivited properly, the unheat treated cold shut is stronger than proof coil chain. Cold shuts are made from wire or bar of nominal size, i.e. 3/8″ cold shuts are made from 3/8″ wire.

  • Electro galvanized
  • Recommended to use a size larger cold shut for an additional safety factor
  • Never use for overhead lifting
Part # Size
Std Pack Wt per
100 pcs
CS316 3/16 400 3
CS14 1/4 200 6
CS516 5/16 100 11
CS38 3/8 100 17
CS716 7/16 50 26
CS12 1/2 50 38
CS58 5/8 25 72
CS34 3/4 25 126