Nylon 8-Strand Plait Anchor Rode - Miami Cordage


Hand spliced by Miami Cordage, we offer standard and custom lengths of our 8-strand plait nylon windlass rope spliced to ISO hot dip galvanized chain. Our 8-strand plait features a balanced construction and does not rotate under load making it ideal for use with windlass anchor lines. The Grade 43 ISO chain, also known as G4 or G40, has short links making it ideal for use with windlasses and has a hot dip galvanized finish.


  • Also available spliced to BBB galvanized or stainless steel chain
  • Pre-soak 8-strand rope for two hours before first use. Do NOT use dry and new.


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Boat Length Rope
Diam (in)
Tensile Strength
25 – 35 1/2 8,300 1/4 2,600 5/16
35 – 40 9/16 9,200 5/16 3,900 3/8
40 – 45 5/8 12,200 5/16 3,900 3/8
45 and greater* 3/4 17,000 3/8 5,400 7/16


*Please contact us for proper sizing for larger vessels.


A Lesson in Calculating Scope

When you set anchor you must have enough line in the water so that it forms a 45-degree angle between the dropped anchor and the bow of your boat. This is “scope.” Proper scope keeps the pull on the anchor horizontal instead of vertical. If the boat pulls “up” on the anchor when it moves, it will detach the anchor from the bottom and loosen its grip. A good rule of thumb to get the right scope is 7 to 10 feet of anchor line (known as rode) for every foot of water. The difference depends on surrounding conditions, strength of the current and weather.

To determine how much rope to let out a 7:1 scope, you measure the depth of the water, add the boat’s freeboard at the bow, and multiply that sum by 7, our recommended scope. But knowing the needed length won’t help you a bit unless you can determine when you have let out that much rope, so the very first thing to do with your new anchor line is to mark it. You can do this with a marking pen, but short yarns or tapes inserted through the strands is more durable and can be identified in the dark by feel. Five-fathom (30′) increments are adequate and compatible with depth measurements in feet, fathoms or meters.

Miami Cordage offers standard lengths of 100, 150, 200, 250 and 300 feet, however we will also customize the length of your rode to meet your requirements.

Choosing the correct chain length: When choosing the correct length for you chain, we recommend a chain length that is as long as the boat. However, storage and handling considerations must also be taken into account when determining your length of chain.