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Architectural Fittings

Miami Cordage caries a wide variety of architectural fittings for residential, commercial, retail, theme parks, medical, industrial and military cable railing systems.

C Sherman


End posts need to be able to support 350 lbs. per the number of cables.
Space cables at 3 inches on center to meet 4 inch sphere test.
Minimum hole size to pass stud through stanchion:
1/8” & 3/16” Cable – 3/8” hole
1/4” Cable – 1/2” hole
Maximum Stanchion Span: 4 feet
Maximum Run for Terminator, Decko & Smooth Line: 25 feet
Maximum Run for Classic Turnbuckle: 50 feet
Use fittings at each end with an adjustable threaded stud or turnbuckle.
The cable runs shown are only a small sample of what is available.

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