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Nylon Double Braid



Double Braid rope, also known as “Yacht Braid,” is constructed from a braided core surrounded by a braided cover. This torsion-balanced construction prevents hockling and maintains dimensional stability. Nylon double braid is a high strength rope that has a smooth soft feel making for easy handling and splicing.

This rope is entirely made in the USA and manufactured from 100% high tenacity, marine grade nylon fibers. Synthetic fibers have high strength and elongation properties making this type of rope ideal for shock loading applications. The added benefit of high UV and chemical resistance compared to other synthetic fibers make nylon an excellent marine and general purpose rope.


  • Average Tensile Strength: 7,300 lbs
  • High Strength, Abrasion Resistance and Flexibility
  • Predictable Elongation
  • UV and Chemical Resistance
  • Torsion-Balanced
Common Applications:
  • Dock Lines
  • Anchor Ropes and Rodes
  • Mooring Lines and Pennants
  • Tow Lines
  • Shock Absorbers
  • Horse Halters and Reins

* Weights are an average and may vary +/- 5%. ***Both ends of your rope will be sealed with a hot knife cut, ensuring the rope won't unravel.

** Diameter of rope is measured under load per Cordage Institute specifications, relaxed diameter is up to 10% larger that stated diameter.

SizeStraightDShackleScrewPin 5/32-A, 0.15-B, 0.31-C, 0.55-D, 200lbs

StainlessSteel_Galvanized Stainless Steel

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