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Coast Guard

Our History with the U.S. Coast Guard

Gene Kaplan, founder of the Miami Cordage Company, began his career by proudly serving in the U.S. Coast Guard in the 1940's. He gained considerable maritime knowledge during his service and following his discharge founded Miami Cordage, which started out as a distributor of rope and marine products. In the 1960's Miami Cordage started selling rope to the U.S. Coast Guard and, as the saying goes, the rest is history. Our company has grown considerably over the past five decades, in 1990 we acquired Florida Wire & Rigging Works and began manufacturing fiber rope in-house. Today our rope manufacturing capacity is up to 11" circumference in double braid nylon, we have a team of experts to splice that 11" rope as well. The list of stations and Cutters that our rope and rigging products are found on always continues to grow, from Hawaii to Alaska, Puerto Rico to Nova Scotia and everywhere in between; Miami Cordage is extremely proud to serve the U.S. Coast Guard.

Common lines we manufacture for the U.S.C.G. include:

  • Tow lines from 2" to 8" circumfernce
  • Tow bridles with double braid nylon and Amsteel® rope
  • Pendants and skiff hook pendant set-ups
  • Double braid nylon dock lines
  • Mooring lines

Manufacturing Capabilities